IEC Provides Services Globally Project Development, FinancingProject Management , Engineering, Procurement,  Construction, Operation and Maintenance .

Our Features

Rail Engineering

The Rail Project division can provide a comprehensive range of.

Highway Engineering

The Highway Engineering discipline provides a comprehensive range of skills.

Structural Engineering and Housing Projects

The Structural Engineering Department has responsibility for structural elements of


The IEC Environment discipline undertakes environmental audits, appraisals, impact assessments .

Dams and Hydropower

Dams frequently form the key component of a water engineering.


IEC has been designing and constructing pipeline installations for over .


The Tunnel Engineering resource within IEC provides specialist services direct.

Bridge Engineering

The Bridge department is one of the oldest established groups.


About me

As a Corporation, IEC has many affiliated very large and experienced International companies, working together to create the most capable organization proudly fulfilling most of the clients requirements. IEC through its subsidiaries has been involved in major civil projects such as, Housing, Tall buildings, road construction, Bridges, tunneling, Shopping Centers, Sport Centers, Underground railways, and dam construction Read more
Within IEC Corporation parallel to the major construction projects, we have years of experience in developing, designing and constructing housing projectsRead more
IEC’s affiliated companies in Iran IECTABRIZ , (Water transfer from Aras river to Tabriz, Kerman Water Transfer Project and Khuzestan Water Projects) in Turkey IECANTALYA, (Serik Marina, Antalya Shopping Center and Canal Istanbul) in Oxford IECOXFORD (Eynsham housing project) in Kyrgyzstan IECKYRGYZSTAN (CASA1000 Hydropower project) and in the Kazakhstan IECKAZAKHSTAN ( South Kazakhstan region’s project, Almaty Grand Ring Road Project, G4City project and Astana’s rain water accumulation project), IECMALAYSIA ( Ankara Park Development Project, involved together with its joint venture companies in designing, financing and construction proses. Read more

IEC Consortiumes  are formed with many International and local companies to perform as a most knowledgeable and experienced entity as a corporation, to full fill clients requirements

In Azerbaijan, IEC TABRIZ  Consortium has eight affiliated and very experienced companies, (Mihansaz, Karadeniz, Pars Sakhtar, Rio Ave, Rahsara, Farazab, Mona and Hamayesh), working together to create the most capable organization proudly fulfilling clients requirements.


IEC Joint ventures are formed with many International and local companies to perform as a most experienced and suitable entity, to full fill project owner requirements                                                    .

IEC Istanbul Joint Venture was originally formed to enter an international tender on Canal Istanbul mega project in 2013, in the Republic of Turkey. This Joint Venture consists of European Consultant and Construction Companies alongside some Companies from Turkey, South Korea and Middle East. Partners preforming Financier parts of this consortium are from Germany and Switzerland.

IEC ALMATY JOINT VENTURE< This Joint Venture Agreement is made the Tuesday -6th of December-2016 Between, IEC, Industry and Engineering Corporation And CSL, Concord Stroy Ltd IEC and CSL Have agreed to form a Joint Venture called IEC of G4C-Almaty, (IECG4C-Almaty) for Engineering, Procurement, construction and Financing of entire Gate City, first part of G4 City projects and to execute the Gate City project

IEC & ENSH General Joint Venture Agreement for Business Co-operation – Frame Agreement Industry and Engineering Corporation Ltd and Emarat Sazan Novin Sabalan Holding (IEC & ENSH) Joint Venture agreement

For the purpose of Studying, Engineering, Financing, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of large Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic projects ENSH HOLDING AGREEMENT came to existing on this day and is fully and officially authorized from affiliated companies to form a Joint Venture with any companies and corporations internationally and submit a proposal to the employers Globally for the Engineering, Construction, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic projects in contractual, EPCF, BOT, or PPP formats and to execute the allocated projects, engaging from its appropriate 123 affiliated companies and corporations if the contract is awarded to the holding.

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