Industry and Engineering Corporation, IEC is associated with engineering and construction of major civil, environmental and industrial Engineering projects, involving the most advanced engineering and construction technology in the implementation of the aforementioned developments. IEC’s affiliated companies in Turkey (Serik Marina, Antalya Shopping Center and Canal Istanbul projects), in Azerbaijan (Water transfer from Aras river to Tabriz, Kerman Water Transfer Project and Khuzestan Water Projects) in UK (Eynsham housing project) and (Globally financing IEC corporation’s affiliated companies) in Kyrgyzstan (CASA1000 Hydropower project), in the Kazakhstan ( South Kazakhstan region’s project, Almaty Grand Ring Road Project, G4City project, SEZ (Khorgos Eastern Gates) Pharmaceutical plant and Astana’s rain water accumulation project), is involved in Park Ankara Development Project and (Road construction in Ukraine, modern health city in Kiev, Underground railway construction in Dnipro and Highway construction between Hungary and Romania) are involved together with its joint venture international and local companies in designing, financing and construction process. .



Oued Fodda dam 1932 Campenon Bernard
The Oued Fodda dam was built between 1926 and 1932 for the Algerian bureau of central irrigation. Oued Fodda is a concrete gravity dam, 100 metres in height, 65 metres in width at the base and 182 metres in length at the ridge. Building the dam and its ancillary structures required 320,000 cubic metres of concrete. General view of the structure (21/02/1937)





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