Brief synopsis of the Lightweight Galvanized Steel Frame building system.



IEC believes the future of construction lies in sustainable materials that are delivered using strong, fire resisting, environmental friendly, high in energy saving, functional, affordable, fast, modern, methods of construction, to fulfill the requirements of clients.  

IEC has invested heavily in Cold Formed Lightweight Galvanized Steel Frame (LGSF) in order to produce economical houses in a short period of time, faster than any previous method of building implemented in construction industry, with lower costs and versatility   to provide, premium and energy efficient buildings.

This method of Construction brings together 3 important factors of the construction process into a one stop shop experience providing design/engineering, offsite manufacturing to supply/ building.

          Our LGSF technology allows us to pre-engineer and manufacture all the elements of walls, floors and roof sections combined with our lightweight concrete panels and fiber cement board to supply a complete building system capable of reaching up to 5 floor and using combined method to reach to 20 story buildings.

           We are also flexible and can combine LGSF with traditional concrete and formwork to supply a hybrid system to meet the highest design requirements.

Happy to supply more detail on request.



Some LGSF construction carried out by IEC Corporation’s affiliated companies