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Dams frequently form the key component of a water engineering project. The Dams and River Engineering Department within IEC has experience in the planning, design and construction of dams which spans 30 years. Our rang of projects have encompassed single
and multipurpose dams constructed for water supply, flood alleviation, hydroelectric power generation, irrigation and ground water recharge

Shahid Rajaee Dam


Shahid Rajaee Dam

  This 138 m high double curvature concrete arch dam was constructed on the Tajan River in Mazandaran Province to provide valuable irrigation water for the fertile agricultural lands in the downstream plains of the dam.

The other objectives of the dam include flood protection and tourist attraction in the beautiful forests of Northern Iran, as well as a small hydroelectric power plant Tajan Dam was one of the first dams entirely built by Iranian firms, with Tablieh as the leading member of the Tablieh – Perlite Joint Venture.
Dam Height 138 m
Crest Length 416 m
Mass & Structural Concrete 730,000 m3
Excavation 550,000 m3
Drilling & Grouting 102,000 m
Tunneling 3,000 m






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